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Our Story

When Peter Carthew's mother dragged him into work for a school holiday job in Easter 1967 little did he realise that he would still be making fudge 50 years later.

He was making fudge and boiled sweets for shops from Looe to Lynmouth, Polperro to Padstow and St.Ives to sunny Torbay. 


The Looe shop was set up by Brian and Lesley Gibson who had been trying to open the first Thorntons Toffee Shop in the South West, but Thorntons were not interested in expanding south of Bristol. Lesley had an old recipe for fudge so they started producing their own delicious products in the back room of the shop.


In 1979 with Peter Carthew still stirring fudge by hand they started wholesaling from the back room of Baytree Stores in West Looe.  Eventually the business had to move into larger premises where we are today, still producing by traditional methods in open copper pans. We are very proud to say that we are now the oldest established fudge makers in Cornwall, having built a business based on customer service by adapting our products to fulfil our customers needs, as tastes change with the weather.


Brian & Lesley Gibson retired in 1989 and Peter's wife Jeanette joined the team, often accompanied by their two children who were often seen on deliveries and manning trade show stands, although quality tasting at the factory made them popular children at school.  Even the two Grannies were often called on to help in the family business.


And right to the present day Peter and Jeanette Carthew at Baytree Candies are continuing  to supply traditional Cornish fudges and other scrumptious confections to the West Country and beyond, All of our delights are still made and packed by hand using the traditional old fashioned techniques. Our fudges are still carefully prepared in open copper pans and carefully sliced by hand, giving our products a true sense of nostalgia and times gone by. 


We use only the best of ingredients including high quality Belgian chocolate for all our chocolate coating. Customers are assured to have a truely delightful product that will not disappoint.

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