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Playing Our Part for Our Planet

We take responsibility for the impact our business has on the planet, and are taking steps to reduce our impact and find ways to be more sustainable. We know it is difficult to be 100% eco friendly and believe the planet needs EVERYONE doing something rather than just a few doing EVERYTHING. Read on to see how we are doing our 'something'. 

What we do now...

Our whole product range is Palm Oil free.

We use Coconut Oil as a sustainable alternative to palm.

We have created a delicious Vegan range, good enough for all. 

In 2021 we have invested in new machinery that uses less power. Watch this space for the update on how much energy has been reduced!


We try our best to reduce waste as much as possible and re-use packaging that our raw materials are supplied in. 


What we plan to do...

Become a 'Zero Waste' Business, using only recyclable or reusable packaging.

Increase our vegan range and look at plant based products.


Use only suppliers with a 'Zero Waste' policy to improve our supply chain sustainability.  

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